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>animal pictures in 2 languages

animal pictures in 2 languages


This is an offshoot of the project 'animals in many languages'. It is a more specific project enabling children from around the world to either draw or choose images and present them in both their own language and the language they are learning. I envisage the project being just for picture galleries although it may be that in addition we make movies or powerpoints to add sound files as well. In this way we could have a huge bank of images with cultural relevance which language teachers can use to revise vocabulary in an interesting way with their pupils.

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4 - 14
Judy Skelton
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In progress
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13 years ago
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In order to start the project off, I am preparing a picture gallery using images taken from a commercial company who make figurines of Beatrix Potter animal characters.  These can be bought from the company website: 

As some characters weren't available as figurines, I have also included some book covers.  These are taken from

Animals in German and English

These pictures have been contributed by the German club of the Birla High School Junior Section.

You may also like to look at other Beatrix Potter products from Amazon.  There is a lovely ballet of the stories, a film of the life of Beatrix Potter and various other picture and colouring books.

Miss Potter [DVD] [2006]
Miss Potter [DVD] [2006] DVD ~Renee Zellweger

4.1 out of 5 stars (81)  £3.99


Tales Of Beatrix Potter [DVD] [1971]

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Links to practise animal names in English and French

Looking at the pictures from India and the animal names reminded me of the stories of Rudyard Kipling.  These stories have been very influential in English children's literature. 

I will look for more information and post it on animals in many languages  

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