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Fun Days & International Week


Our last week at school, we had fun days for our children. Also we celebrated an International week where in all primary classes were given as - The Countries we are taking into consideration for the International week are : India,England, Portugal, Egypt, USA, Russia, Australia & Germany. The Students have been told to take up a minimum of 6 countries out of these. We have divided topics for the grades as follows: STD I - will learn about Clothes/Costumes & Sports of these countries STD II - will learn about the different cuisines(food) of these countries STD III - will learn about Famous people of these countries STD IV - will learn about Languages (basic phrases) of these countries STD V - will learn about Wonders (like 7 wonders of each country) of these countries. The whole exhibit was amazing!! The students had a great time learning about various countries while having fun...Here are pictures of the above.

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3 - 11
Aditi Agrawal
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13 years ago
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