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>GHANA World Cup 2010

GHANA World Cup 2010


We are from Ghana. Please upload your greetings and photos. Let's follow the teams and send messages during the World Cup!

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folder iconPoem written by students of Prempeh Academy, Ghana

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With thanks to Effeh Boakye, Proprietress, Prempeh Academy
Microsoft Word file BLACK STAR POEM.doc 29.0 kB

Ghanaian rapper Sway's brilliant number one track (a remix of 'Bashy') - the Black Stars are the Ghana Football Team.

Lots to see in this great video - lots of references to British colonialism and Ghanaian independence, what it means to be Ghanaian. Warning there is some mildly expletive language and a joke about David Lammy.

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We want to hear from you!

We are interested to write about the world cup and to write about how games/football games are organised in our school and at our district or in Ghana.

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Dear Oda Nkwanta
13 years ago

How is the Ghana team preparing for the World Cup?

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From Theophilus Moses Yankey, Ghana
13 years ago

The Ghana National Football Team, populary known as the Black Stars is the  National Association football team of Ghana and is controlled by  the Ghana Football Association.Before gaining Independence from Great Britian in 1957 , the country played as the Gold Coast.

The Senior National team ,the Black Stars became the first African Nation to qualify for the World Cup with two games to spare and clearly,it is the wish of many Ghanaians fans that the Black Stars will at least equal the 2006 World Cup performance and indeed we will excel in the coming World Cup.
With the players like Micheal Essien of Chelsea ,John Paintsil of Fuhlam Fc ,Stephen Appiah to name a few we will go higher. Our Flag colours are Red ,Yellow and Green with Black Star in the Center of the colour yellow.

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Latest from Michael Essien
13 years ago

As you know a lot of people have been sending Michael well wishes and some have even been holding prayer sessions for in Ghana .

Michael replies: Yes, I get loads of emails of well wishes all the time and I am always grateful for people's wishes. I also found out through a friend about the prayer session held for me. I am really touched by such generousity from the organisers and the people who attended the prayer session. I am humbled and extremely grateful.

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Click on JOIN and we'll help you to do this. There is great support for links in Ghana; you can link directly through us or pay a small fee (and funds for your link school) to an NGO who will help you to link in a rural area. Just let us know.
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