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>Food- between tradition and modernity

Food- between tradition and modernity


We should make our students aware about the way they eat. They must know what is healthy for them. Students can speak about traditional food in their country or area, they can exchange mails, they can make powerpoint presentations or they can write a story or a poem starting from a vegetable or fruit, for instance. the project is opened to other ideas.

Age range
16 - 19
Florentina Staicut
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In progress
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13 years ago
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A traditional food recipe

Why shouldn't we try one of our partners' traditional food? It is a good opportunity to share traditional food recipes.

Does advertisement influence our choice of food?

it is said that advertisement influences our way, our choices. Is that right?

Food- between tradition and modernity

We all have our traditional food and we should be proud about that. Why we shouldn't make it known? The tradition and modernity in eating have become a mixture nowadays. Can we speak only about tradition or only about modernity when it comes about food?

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More and more people nowadays eat fast food. It is not very good for their health, since studies have proved that fast food leads to obesity and heart disease. We should eat instead fruits and vegetables or cooked food.

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Healthy food

We should make people aware of the importance of eating healthy. We all must know that a healthy mind is in a healthy body and even the way we smile is given by our healthy. So, watch the way you feed yourself!

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