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>Maharaja Aggarsain School and Wade Deacon High School joint 'Technology, Science and Cultural Identity' Project

Maharaja Aggarsain School and Wade Deacon High School joint 'Technology, Science and Cultural Identity' Project


This joint curriculum project will focus on IT and textile design, Science and also explore the similarities and differences between Indian and British Culture across the curriculum.

Age range
11 - 16
Keith Robinson
Project stage
In progress
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9 years ago
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Comparison of how Society in India and England have been affected by their climate.

The comparison will be made by looking at three areas. 1. Climate , Average temperature; Average Rainfall. 2. Size of the economy; Main Industries ; Natural resources. 3. How are the people different . Looking at life expectancy; Health spending per person; family size; Infant mortality rate.

Investigating the efficiencies of two renewable energy sources

We will compare two renewable energy sources with one non renewable energy-oil. The results of these practical experiments must be shown in a table.

Textile Design Project.

Sharing Design ideas based on Festivals and Cultural Celebrations.

Here is a plan of the work that will be undertaken in Design and Technology over the course of the next 12 months in partnership with our link school - Maharaja Aggarsain School

folder iconDance Project

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An exchange of Dance ideas . Wade Deacon learning a new dance routine from scratch.
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folder iconCeltic patterns and Mehndi patterns

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Class 7th students (age group 12yrs & 13yrs) are learning by investigating the patterned line drawings of two types i.e. Celtic patterns and Mehndi patterns on size 21cmX21cm material like paper, cloth etc. •To begin with students are designing patterns of Celtic art and Mehndi art separately within the ridge area of palm shape using pencil or paint brush. • In the second phase any medium like fevicol (an adhesive used for wood, plastic etc) mixed with some stain will be used to give an embossed effect to those design patterns. •In the third phase students will be creating designs with the culmination of Celtic and Mehndi using their imagination. Mehndi is actually a species of plant. It is commonly called HEENA. The leaves of this plant are dried and grinded in form of powder. Thick paste is made of that powder and poured in a cone. Then designs are drawn on hands, feet, arms etc (like tattoo). In India, it is considered to be auspicious to apply Mehndi before happy occasion. Rather it is MUST of girls/ladies to apply during wedding and on some special festival. In some parts of our country it mandatory for married women to apply it during festivals.
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folder iconA Taste of India

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On Saturday 21st May 2011 an new partnership was forged between Wade Deacon High School and the Desi Indian Restaurant in Widnes.Year 8 pupils from Wade Deacon were given the opportunity to work with chefs and learn about Indian cuisine. Head chef Foyzul , assistant chef Miah and Restaurant Manager Rex worked with a group of students making a selection of authentic Indian dishes. They demonstrated a range of skills and processes and worked closely with the pupils during a 3 hour session. The pupils were shown a wide range of Indian spices and how to blend them to make bases for a range of curries and side dishes. On the menu was Bombay Aloo, Chicken Bhuna and Pilau rice. The next phrase of the partnership will be for pupils to research traditional Indian recipes. Using the Blog page set up on this site pupils from Maharaja Aggarsain School will be sending us their favorite traditional meals. There will then be 2 more practical cooking sessions before a Final "Cook-off" .At that time Chef's Faz , Miah and Rex will be invited back to judge and taste the best cook.
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