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>Enjoy The Difference of Languages Enjoy The Friendship

Enjoy The Difference of Languages Enjoy The Friendship


When you have foreigner friends, would you like to know what do they say some words in their languages? : hello,good morning, good night, goodbye, how are you? yes, no, right, wrong, come here, go back etc. Saying a word in their languages will make more friendship. Why not we say a word in their language while we are talking with them?

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10 - 35
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1.To learn more language from from foreigner friends.
2.To make more friendship through languages.

How to join the project

1.Think of your words that you use in your daily life in English.(ten words)
2.Write your own language words in English words.

For examples English word / My Thai word

1. hello / Sawasdee krub (for a boy and a man).Sawasdee kah (for a girl and a woman)
2. good morning / r-roon-sawas
3. good night /ra- tri-sawas
4. how are you / sa-buy-dee-rhue
5. yes / chay
6. no / mai-chay
7. right / thook
8. wrong / phid
9. come here / ma-nee
10. go back / glub pai

(My other Thai members, you can suggest other Thai words)

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