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Tomorrow's climate is today's challenge We all tread on the world, pressing down on it by the way we live. Some of us tread on the world heavily and leave a large footprint. Some of us tread on the world lightly and leave a small footprint. The Ecological Footprint is a measure of the amount of natural resources it takes to sustain a given population over the course of a year. humanity’s footprint is 57 acres per person while the Earth’s biological capacity is just 41 acres per person. In what ways do you press heavily on the world by using up lots of our planet’s resources?

Age range
11 - 18
Alex Savage
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In progress
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10 years ago
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folder iconGoing Green Multimedia

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Multimedia resources to introduce the theme.
video avi Global Warming Ad 2 9.7 MB
Link All is One, Flash Video
Windows media video climatechange.wmv 7.3 MB
Link Going Green Presentation
Link Earth Hour Video streamed
video avi Global Warming Ad 5.0 MB

folder iconGlobal Footprint Quiz

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Websites to calculate your global footprint.
Link kids' footprint quiz (USA)
Link global footprint quiz

folder iconVideo Conference

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Students at several Notre Dame Schools in the UK and USA are having a video conference on 30th April about how they have made their schools greener.
Link Access the Session
Link More Advice about Flashmeeting
Link Test your connection

folder iconForums

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Ways for students to share their opinions on various issues.
Page Going Green Polls
Forum Global Warming: Fact or Fiction?

folder iconEarth Hour and Earth Day

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Links to useful resources for Earth Hour (29/03/08) and Earth Day (22/04/08).
Link Earth Hour Video streamed
Link Earth Hour website
Link Earth Day website

folder iconNotre Dame Environmental Site

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An excellent website developed by Notre Dame Sheffield.
Link Weather and Climate
Link Wildlife Webcams

folder iconGoing Green Games

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Educational games on green issues.
Link Energy Hogs
Link Science Museum Games
Link Funergy

Other Media