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We would like to exchange recipes with countries like France, Mexico, USA, Thailand, Africa & Srilanka. This would help children to learn about the countries agriculture, living style and also the uniqueness of cuisine around the world.

Age range
8 - 14
Sivagami Sathappan
Project stage
In progress
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13 years ago
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TIRUCHI: Students of Brindavan Vidyalaya ICSE School marked World Food day recently by expressing their solidarity in joining the fight against hunger. Students cooked up an international gastronomic fare and participated in awareness sessions to reiterate the significance of eliminating hunger at a global level. Theme for the year Adopting the World Food Day theme for the year, ‘United against hunger', the school sensitised students to the threat of global hunger. Hunger kills more than any AIDS, tuberculosis, malaria or any other disease in the world was the core message. Students from class I to IX wielded the ladle to dish out international recipes from across continents. An entire meal from starters to desserts, including African peas soup, American potato salad, Sri Lankan roti, Thai noodles, Mexican zucchini pabalano pepper and French rice pudding were prepared and shared by students. Ensuing vegetable waste was collected in the school's special compost area. True stories narrated International school coordinator, Sivagami Sathappan narrated true stories of hunger deaths to familiarise students with the relationship between poverty and malnutrition. Videos screened In an attempt to transcend beyond food, videos on historical, cultural and social aspects of the featured countries were screened. Staff and students made an attempt to reach out to the hungry by contributing to ‘Save the children' organisation.

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