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This project seeks to establish collaboration among American students and students from other cultures. The project seeks to accomplish the following: - to enhance students' intercultural competence - to provide language practice opportunities to students with advanced language proficiency and above

Age range
18 - 60
Natalia Barley
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In progress
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12 years ago
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1. Form a pair with one of your global partners.

2. Share what cultural elements you noticed in the passage with your partner. (The student to whom the culture is non-native starts first.)

3. Explain to your partner any elements that are unclear.

4. Using a wiki page (see link below) together prepare a report that describes the elements you identified.

5. Submit the list as an assignment.

What cultural elements do you notice in this passage? Please respond in discussion forum below.


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Editorial Cartoon: Texas Board of Education

Please list all cultural elements that you noticed in this editorial cartoon and provide your explanation.

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