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>Dream House

Dream House


In this project students will express their opinions about the house they dream to live in.

Age range
15 - 18
Fatima Jassim
Project stage
In progress
Last update
11 years ago
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Stage1: Introduction to writing

Students should be able to write about their real house.

folder iconReal house

objects: 2
Folder for real house
Microsoft PowerPoint Real house 103.0 kB
Microsoft EXCEL spreadsheet real house 526.5 kB

Stage2: Dream house

Students should be able to write about their dream house

folder iconDream house

objects: 3
dream house folder
Microsoft EXCEL spreadsheet Dream house.xls 109.0 kB
Microsoft PowerPoint House parts.ppt 1.1 MB
Microsoft PowerPoint House Types.ppt 474.0 kB

Stage 3 Description of the house

In this stage students should describe their dream houses


folder iconHouse Description

objects: 3
Students should describe the dream house starting from outside, then the rooms and ending with the special features in it
Microsoft PowerPoint special features.ppt 810.5 kB
Microsoft PowerPoint Rooms in your dream house.ppt 87.5 kB
Microsoft Word file Description of a house.doc 810.5 kB

Stage 4: Conclusion

In this stage students will say their reasons for choosing such type of a dream house.

folder iconReasons for your choice

objects: 1
Students will compare their dream house with their real one.
Microsoft PowerPoint Your Opinion.ppt 56.5 kB

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