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Hello, Daniela! 

Firstly, thanks for accepting my request to join your project!

Secondly, just wondering, does your country and all other partners' countries have their NATIONAL flower?! In Croatia it's iris!!!

I'll thus start off with presenting this beauty!

Best wishes to you and to all our present and future partners from Zadar, Croatia!



Hello Daniela,

Flowers are an integral part of Indian culture. No event is complete without flowers, be it a religious ceremony, a wedding or a social event.  Flowers are worn by women in their hair, specially in southern India We see flowers everywhere.

Sometimes flowering of a particular bloom signifies the advent of a festival Eg.Kaash flowers tell us that Durga Puja is round the corner .



kaash flowers.jpg

Kaash flowers


Durga Puja - A major festival in Kolkata

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