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The aim of this project is to look at the food our pupils eat and the effect it has on their health and in turn their learning. We have a school garden where pupils grow vegetables and herbs which are used in the school canteen for school meals. Do your schools have a garden? Please join in this project so we can compare what our schools do and upload photos of our progress. We could also look at healthy recipes and conduct surveys with our pupils.

Age range
11 - 16
Catherine Andy
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In progress
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10 years ago
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Modern Convent School organized an inter school "Cooking Without Fire " competition on 26th April 2012. Students from  twenty four different schools prepared international delicacies like salads, different kind of sandwiches and pastas which were not just tempting to the taste buds but to the eyes as well.    

1) Look at school gardens - the plants and herbs - similarities and differences between the schools 2) School garden through the seasons - keep a note of the different plants and herbs being grown during the year. 3) Growth of certain plants in different climates - measure plant growth and compare between countries 4) Look at how the food we eat is important to our health 5) Using the plants / herbs we are growing to cook delicious healthy meals and sharing recipes with partner schools - recipe booklet 6) Look at how our environment hinders / helps us grow the plants for us to eat 7) Look at cooking in the different schools - do pupils cook? how often? 8) Cooking competition between pupils 9) Look at where our food comes from and the importance of welfare standards of animals. 

TASK 1: Photos

TASK 2: Plant details

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Discussion of plant grown

A place to discuss the plants we are growing at school

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Winter gardening
12 years ago

Gartree Community School, Lincolnshire, England.

At the moment we are collecting 'baby' strawberry plants from around the different beds and putting them all in one dedicated bed. After getting the babies to root we snip them off them mothers and put their mothers in the compost!

We are also trying to make a dedicated herb bed as they too were in all different beds due to a different set up they had last year. Lots of the herbs are thriving and we took great delight in making up a produce basket for the canteen on Mon and providing them with 5 small lettuces, some sage, thyme, flat and curly parsley. We also found a few odd carrots and 3 leeks. Our best official crop is what we think are spring onions. Needless to say our biggest priority for next year is waterproof labelling.  by Mrs Ball (one of the volunteer gardeners)

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Spring Gardening - May 2012
12 years ago

Broad beans went in in autumn, they have survived the winter and are 1 foot tall. Lettuce and raddish seeds are coming up and we starting to thin them out We moved all herbs into one bed We are still cropping last years chives Carrot and beetroot seeds coming up Runner beans and squash in cloche seeds coming up Strawberry plants are all in one bed, new ones established and old ones have been snipped off and thrown away Peas seeds now in

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From Garden to Plate
12 years ago
Garden to school process We ask the kitchen for a tray, we harvest and spend some time making it look presentable and take the tray into the garden. Sometimes we send what we have and sometimes they request specific plants. The kitchen overlooks the garden so they can see what is going on.

TASK 3: Analysis of plant growth

TASK 4: Survey of food and diet

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Our school(Dayanand Public School) has organized a competition on Cooking without Fire for the students of VII AND VIII (aged 13 -14 yrs) .Basically girls have taken part. They have chosen Fruit Raita, Jhal Murhi and Sprout Salad 

TASK 5: School food

TASK 6: Recipes

folder iconOur Favourite Recipes-JNV Bhiwani

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Our favourite recipes
Adobe Acrobat file Gajar ka Halwa.pdf 169.5 kB
Adobe Acrobat file Tangy Split Red Gram Broth.pdf 26.6 kB
Adobe Acrobat file Sweet Dish.pdf 87.1 kB
Adobe Acrobat file Mattar Pullao.pdf 179.9 kB

Abi Bakr El Siddeeq School - Preparing Green Salad at Home

TASK 7: Food provenance

TASK 8: Evaluation of project: What have we learnt?


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Thanks Catherine

Dear Catherine I had to go out of station so I couldn't upload more and would do so when I am back. Take care Namita

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12 years ago
Namita I like your photos! I will try to put some of ours on next week.

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