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>I can see/Puedo ver/ Ich kann sehen/Je peux voir...

I can see/Puedo ver/ Ich kann sehen/Je peux voir...


  The aims of this project are to help the children to appreciate their own environment,to make comparisons with the environment of children from other countries,to describe their school surroundings in another language, to make contact with pupils from other countries and find out about their lives and surroundings  

Age range
6 - 10
ruth knight
Project stage
In progress
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11 years ago
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For the next stage in our project the children will learn days, months ands seasons in their target language. They will work on mimes to illustrate each month.

drawing our surroundings

This week my classes will observe and draw some of the places outside our school. They have started to learn the colours in their target language. Next week they will choose an object in their picture and frame it. They will then find out how to write it in their taget language, learning how to use a bilingual dictionary and how to use the definite article(icluding gender). Some of them will also describe their object with a colour (they may need to learn about agreemnent of adjectives). A few may put this information in a simple sentence.(Puedo ver un...)


  1. Drawing or photographing what they see from their classroom window & labelling it with words in target language. Use dictionaries to find new words

  2. Drawing the same view showing how it changes in all 4 seasons or in different weathers. Label with seasons, months, colours in target language

  3. Drawing areas outside the school building and labelling their pictures with words , including colours, or simple sentences.

  4. We invite our partners to do the same & share their views with us, so we can make comparisons. We would also like to email partner schools to ask questions about where they live. If our partners speak French, Spanish or German, we would like to communicate in those languages


    Learning objectives

  1. Geography

    to ask geographical question; to identify & describe what places are like; to describe how and why places are similar & different.

  2. Spanish/French/German

    Use a bilingual dictionary. Write a simples sentence in another language  with support. Learn to write words for colours, seasons, months, weather in target langauge.

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