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What is your hometown like? Is it a city? Is it a country suburb? Do you live near the mountains, or near the sea? We'd like to share our hometown with you and ask you to share yours with us. Students of the International Club from Norwell Middle School in Norwell, MA, USA would like to show you our lovely town. We will be showing you pictures of Norwell, a New England town south of Boston, MA. We hope to share with you stories, pictures and history about this town, but we also want to learn about your hometown. Add to our project by sending us  Send us your pictures, history and stories about your hometown, and we can learn about our similarities and our unique differences.

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10 - 14
Mary Flanagan
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6 years ago
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Zhenia Melnyk has created the first movie about his hometown Monastyryshche, a small peaceful town located in the central Ukraine. The nature here is fantastic!

folder iconOur lovely hometown: Zaragoza (Spain)

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The students of the Company of Mary - la Enseñanza- school want to share with you their opinions on our hometown: Zaragoza
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Lucas W., from the International Club of the Norwell Middle School, would like to share some information and pictures about his town. View his presentation to learn more.

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In Norwell, there are two elementary(K-5) schools. There is the William G. Vinal and The Grace Faraar Cole school. The Grace Faraar Cole school was named after a teacher, whose maiden name was Grace Faraar, but after she was married it was changed to Grace Faraar Cole. Mrs. Cole had a reputation as an extraordinary and wonderful teacher and had taught many years at the elementary school. Her contributions, time, and influence had effected the town, citizens, and definitely the establishments at where she taught as a teacher in a beneficial manor. Since she was so dedicated to her job; in her honor, one out of the two elementary schools in Norwell is named after her. 

  Emily H, from the International Club Norwell, MA, USA.,writes about the elementary schools in Norwell. Elementary schools are grades K-5.

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