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>Show me the money!

Show me the money!


Students aged 11-13 learn about maths, economics, world culture history and geography through discussing the money that they use in their country with another country.

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11 - 13
eLanguages Team
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In progress
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14 years ago
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Project overview 'Show me the money!' is an English language project for children between the ages of 11 and 13 years. This project is open to all young people who want to find out about life in another country. By exchanging information about the money you use in your country, you can teach a whole load of people about lots of things they never knew about you, as well as learn loads of things about other countries too! You'll probably end up finding out lots of things you never knew about your own country too. For example, do you know who that person is on the banknote you use to buy your lunch with? No? Nor do we so find out and tell us! By the way, do you know how much that lunch would cost in your neighbouring country? No? So get on your class forum and ask them! Do they eat the same as you for lunch? No? What do they eat? Don't know? Well ask them! What did you spend yesterday? How much? On what? Where? Would your money go as far in your new friends' country or would you need more? Money is something we can't do without yet we often take it for granted. Let's start learning together today and find out how much fun it can be to ask your friends to 'Show me the money!'


We all have experience with money - mostly spending it. There is much more that you can learn about money. In this challenge, you will tell others about the money in your country, find out about the different kinds of money in other countries. You will talk to new friends in other countries about what you like buying, how much it costs and how much it would cost in their country. You will also find out about exchange rates and you will join a group of students from another country to chat about money. It's going to be a lot of fun, so lets get started!

Part A: Click on the picture above and read the story of the adventures of Penny. Take your students to the online quiz about the American Penny so they can answer the questions. Now download this quiz, give a copy to pairs or groups of students and ask them to answer the questions, print it out then give it to back to you to check the answers. Part B: Now it's your students' turn to make the activity so other people can find out about their money! Ask them to write a paragraph to explain about your money. Ask them to tell us how many coins there are and how many banknotes and how they are all divided. Then tell us whose picture is on each banknote or if it is the same person, tell us what is on the back and explain a little about it. Ask them to write their article on MS Word, save it to their computer then leave a message in the project forum to tell us they completed the task. Classes taking part can then email each other their descriptions for everyone to read and find out more about the money of different countries. If you like, you can get together with your friends to do some rubbings of the coins or draw some pictures of the banknotes. Scan these and include them in your Word document. Don't forget to make the scanned pictures small enough for downloading quickly! Part C: Ask your students to a quiz about your money on MS Word and leave a message in the project forum to tell us you have completed the task. Make sure they include hyperlinks to information other people can use to find out the answers! We will exchange quizes via email as the project develops.

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Show me the money!

A forum for discussing the project's activities and our progress in class!

16 years ago
This is my first posting to the 'Show me the money!' project forum. I'm waiting to see if anyone will join this project and whether it will be feasible to run.
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Re: Hello!
16 years ago
And I'm already replying to myself!! Just to let you all know that there are more stages to this project and I will be updating these pages tomorrow and next week. Hope you will come and join me on this truly intercultural project!
I'm back!
16 years ago
I am pleased to still see my project in eLanguages. Now to experiment on how to link this project to a space for students to use!
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Re: I'm back!
16 years ago
Great to see you back on the site David! Let me know if there's any help we can give getting links set up to a student space. All the best, Chris

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