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>Tourist Brochures for kids by kids

Tourist Brochures for kids by kids


Tourist brochures for kids by kids As part of an inquiry learning unit being undertaken by our Year 4 (9 year olds) children, they have been visiting local tourist attractions and then creating tourist brochures advertising their attraction. The brochures are then being posted on our school website, where children visiting Christchurch will be able to view them. We would love to have many other schools contribute brochures about their own areas, with the goal of widening student knowledge of the world in a fun, yet educational manner. Currently we have about 10 schools (from the Global Gateway website) participating in the project, but it's not too late to start and we would love to have schools from all over the world join in and create brochures about their local community.

Age range
7 - 12
Justin Perriam
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12 years ago
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Planning Resources
I have added a variety of the teacher materials that we have used in the planning and implementation phase. I hope these may be of assistance. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions relating to the project.
Creating Brochures
We created our brochures using an Apple Mac programme called Pages. However you can make your brochures using a variety of software (e.g. Microsoft Word or publisher)

I do have notes available for using Pages if anyone requires them.
Once you have completed your brochures, you can e-mail them to me and I will upload them to our school website.

We have uploaded our brochures onto the website already, so take a look at our efforts and learn a little bit about our city.
13/2/08 NEW!!! Stratford Park in Stroud, created by Callowell Primary School, Stroud, UK
12/2/08 NEW!!! Nicobar and Andaman Islands, created by the children of Sylvia Young Theatre School, London UK.
2/11/07 NEW!!! Take a look at some fantastic tourist brochures from St. Marks School, in Stockport, England.
NEW!!! - Tourist brochures from Poland have been uploaded to the website


Here are a selection of resources that may assist you with the project.

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