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>Music: An international language

Music: An international language


This project is a project that is running in 2 schools at present. It is running between the Trafalgar School and the Bilad Al Qadeem school, in Bahrain. The project aims to give our students a way to communicate with each other through music. It has started well and students in the UK have put together projects about 6 pieces of music in a range of styles. These projects have been sent to Bahrain and soon students there will complete their own projects and send them to the UK. Students will see what the similarities and differences in their opinions are.

Age range
11 - 16
Jonny Cole
Project stage
In progress
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14 years ago
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Great project to visit,look forward to seeing more
15 years ago
I made some of the pix bigger by clicking on the little plus sign so I could read them. The point about British influence on American bands has an interesting history. I'd like to see a list of more influences and how they happened. The Killers are a great band but you could not mistake them for a British band. I saw them on stage at Glastonbury and Brandon was wearing a gold suit. They do like to put on a BIG show. UK bands would rather not look like they are trying too hard. What do you reckon? Liz, facilitator
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Re: Great project to visit,look forward to seeing more
15 years ago
The Killers are great, but I have to say that the whole killers thing reminds me of the mid 90s and bands like shed seven. The gold suit thing is very american, but I like my no frills rock bands. Performance of the summer has to go to the Kings of Leon at the Reading Festival - rocking, no frills great band with a heck of a back catalogue building up. I'm really looking forward to the time when there's loads of these comments waiting from teachers around the globe! Jonny
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15 years ago
Just a quick note from me and Khalil to say welcome to Santana, our latest recruit. Music: an international language now operating in 3 countries... the UK, Bahrain and now India! Keep it coming! If anybody would like to add music clips onto this site it would be great to hear from you... a webpage dedicated to music from around the world, posted from teachers and students alike will be a great advert for all us music teachers who want to spread the word. Regards Jonny
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15 years ago
If you want to download any clips from this site click on the links below. These have been uploaded for use in SCHOOLS ONLY and are intended for education use.
Stage 1
Jonny and Khalil met in Manama as part of the British Council's partnership fair in March 2007. They discussed the ideas behind having a project based firmly in Music and English Language skills

Stage 2
Jonny put together a song list which included a wide range of music, some of which Khalil had mentioned as music he loved

Stage 3
Jonny put together CDs and gave these CDs to 2 classes (7C and 8C) who spent 2 lessons reviewing them and forming their opinions about the music. Big 'thought storm' projects were put together and sent to Bahrain

Stage 4
At present Khalil is delivering the same set of songs to students in his school in Bahrain. Work will be exchanged shortly.

The idea is that both sets of students will get to see how students in a different part of the world feel about the music they listen to, and we expect the responses to be similar.

Music: An international language

A selection of work from the Trafalgar School

Henry, Josh, Ryan, Nathan and Ben
8Cs project on 7 Nation Army by Nostalgia 77
The Killers - When we were young
Ruby Hayley Jack Sam Juke
Sammy, Marcus, Lauren and the Hannahs

Other Media