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>Come and Meet Us - Hello and Bonjour!

Come and Meet Us - Hello and Bonjour!


We aim to explore the theme of a typical day in the life of our pupils, at school and in their spare time using our target language - French (basic level!).

Age range
7 - 11
Momtaz Haque
Project stage
In progress
Last update
15 years ago
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Stage 1- Our School- Our Routine

Brief Introduction on school name, location and maybe a powerpoint with photos of our daily school routine in own language.1 per school. Have school website links, and maybe a link.

Stage 2 - Who are we?

Pupils to create a simple Powerpoint document (adding photos)introducing themselves - i.e. name, age, birthday, siblings, hobbies, favourite food and daily routine - in target language. (UK - to write in basic French, French speaking school to write in English).

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