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>What have you eaten today?

What have you eaten today?


This project will look at breakfasts in different countries, investigate how healthy they are, prepare recipes and make the breakfasts of our international partners.

Age range
5 - 11
Peter Sisson
Project stage
In progress
Last update
14 years ago
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Stage 1 - My Breakfast

We will each take a photograph or draw what we had for breakfast onto the template and label it in our mother tongue. We will share the results by creating a gallery of our breakfasts, as either scanned drawings, photographs or PowerPoint files.

Stage 2 - How Healthy Is Your Breakfast?

We will look at a breakfast from a partner and investigate/discuss how healthy it is. This could be food groups or nutritional value. The results will be shared as graphs.

Stage 3 - What's On The Menu?

Based on both previous stages' information, the children will prepare a healthy breakfast menu including food from all the partner countries (traditional or otherwise). We will write instructional texts in our mother tongues to enable other schools to make our menu.

Stage 4 - Bon Appetit!

We will translate and follow the menu instructions provided by our partners to enjoy an international breakfast feast! We will document our experiences though photos, audio and video.

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