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>Comparing Lives UK - Germany

Comparing Lives UK - Germany


Students at Notre Dame High School, Norwich and Johann-Turmair- Realschule Abensberg are comparing various aspects of their school and home lives.

Age range
11 - 16
Alex Savage
Project stage
In progress
Last update
15 years ago
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Introduction Resources

Resources to introduce our schools and local areas.

folder iconNorfolk Resources

objects: 3
Resources to introduce our school and local area.
Link Google Maps Satellite Image
Link Intro to Norfolk Gallery
Link School Life at Notre Dame

folder iconJohann-Turmair- Realschule

objects: 3
Resources to describe Johann-Turmair-Realschule and the local area.
Link Map showing Abensberg
Link Johann-Turmair Image Gallery
Link Johann-Turmair-Realschule's Website

Introducing Ourselves

Resources to introduce ourselves to each other.

folder iconAbout Me, Norwich

objects: 12
PowerPoint presentations about our students.
Microsoft PowerPoint Sophie 44.0 kB
Microsoft PowerPoint Sam 44.5 kB
Microsoft PowerPoint Rachael 11.3 MB
Microsoft PowerPoint Natalia 109.5 kB
Microsoft PowerPoint Joshua 14.5 kB
Microsoft PowerPoint Edmund 126.0 kB
Microsoft PowerPoint Denny 680.0 kB
Microsoft PowerPoint Christopher 13.0 kB
Microsoft PowerPoint Carlo 185.0 kB
Microsoft PowerPoint Amy 4.0 MB
Microsoft PowerPoint Andrew 31.5 kB
Microsoft PowerPoint Alex 1.6 MB

Themed projects

Disscussions and resources on a variety of issues

folder iconGoing Green

objects: 2
Resources about green issues
Link Going Green Resources
Link Going Green Forum

page info iconParticipants

Notre Dame High School, Norwich
Johann-Turmair-Realschule Abensberg

Other Media