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Culture 08


I wish to work with students in the 14-16 age group to explore Liverpool's Capital of Culture Year 2008. My students live in Liverpool and are in their 3rd year of learning Spanish. We want to work with a school in Spain and one other from a Spanish-speaking country to exchange resources about the cultural life of our respective cities, towns. We will focus on all aspects of culture, including theatre, events such as the River Festival, architecture, religious and community events, street theatre, local shows and sport. I would like both partners to create as a final outcome a short slideshow, made with Photostory3 (free and downloadable from the Internet). My students will work partly in Spanish and partly in English so as to not discourage the weaker students. Our partners should do the same. Students will help each other to improve their target language, using the forum.

Age range
14 - 16
Terry Cooper
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In progress
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13 years ago
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Planning phase

For the language focus of our project I wish to develop the use of the past and future tenses and also enable students to use 'se' for the Passive: eg. En 2008 se celebra en nuestra ciudad La Capital de Cultura. Se montan muchos conciertos, y otros actos culturales." I wish my students to prepare an introductory PowerPoint presentation containing a limited number of digital photos and a second more advanced one containing audio, created with Audacity sound editor or narrated using the Narration feature in PowerPoint. The purpose of doing these two presentations is to familiarise students with photos and audio and the theme before they create their Photostory, which will contain photos, narration and music. Students will work with the teacher in UK and partner school to identify which aspects of culture in their cities they wish to focus on. They will work in groups of 4 and |I will ensure that each group contains a technical "leader". They will use digital cameras ( we can borrow from the Media Dpt or students use their own) I will allow students to use mobile phones to take pictures so long as they download at home and place images on memory stick to bring into school(mobile phones are not allowed in school) Partners in Spanish school will do the same.

For ten weeks in 2008 Liverpool went Superlambananas over one of the most popular cultural offerings of the year. Capturing the imagination of the city, residents and visitors took in the Superlambanana family in all their many, marvellous guises.
SLB 2.jpg
Read the Liverpool echo issue to find out more about Go Superlambbananas
Microsoft Word fileSuperLBs.doc 60.5 kB
Can you see a link between Madrid and Liverpool? Yes, that's right - it is Rafa Benitez!

Phase 2

In this phase, I will work with students developing the vocabulary and grammar of the topic. They will complete reinforcement activities which I will create using Task Magic, and maybe Hot Potatoes, plus electronic worksheets. I will create PowerPoints to introduce vocab and grammar. I will tell each group to compile up to 20 digital photographs which will be uploaded into a Shared Area on our network. Groups will then work with the pool of photos to compile a simple presentation of up to 8 slides maximum in which they will use the vocab and grammar we have learnt to talk about Capital of Culture Year. Partners will do the same, hopefully.

Phase 3: Students work collaboratively

I will create a Gallery of photos taken by students. Students will also use the Forum to post short notes for students abroad to read and reply in the same way. Students will view a sample PowerPoint presentation of 5 slides which I will prepare. I will use the narration feature to put audio in the presentation. Groups will then go back to their original presentation and modify it so that it contains an audio narration. These will be posted on the project page. Students will write to each other in the forum about the presentations.

Phase 4

Making a slideshow I will demonstrate to students how to make a slideshow using Photostory. They will then work in groups to use up to 10 photos and the record audio and music mix feature of the software to create their slideshows,which will be posted to the project page. Students in the partner schools will do the same. We will discuss in class what our partners have done and write to them using the Forum.

Evaluating our project

We will use questionnaires distributed to the students to assess how much students liked the projects, and what they feel they have learnt from it. The project teachers will assess for their own school what they feel are the main gains from the project and how they intend to build on what they have done. These conclusions will be posted to the project page.

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Talking between ourselves

Students swap photos, and messages about cultural life in their respective cities. They also help each other with their target language.

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