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>Explore Geographical Features of Oman and UK

Explore Geographical Features of Oman and UK


Summary - Introduce the different geographical features in Oman like ( mountains , beaches, wadis, deserts, islands ….. etc ). - Receive in formation about the geographical features in UK. - Present the outcomes of the project ( power point programme ) in each partner school The Aim : A- To share information about the geographical features in both countries. B- Make a use of these information for another project. Age group : ( 14 to 18 )

Age range
14 - 18
Badria Al-Bulushi
Project stage
In progress
Last update
14 years ago
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Collecting photos

Students will collect photos and video images about the geographical features in their country. They can take pictures from the internet and magazines. Then each partner will upload their images to the project space.

Writing a Description

Students write description texts about the photos of the geographical features. Each partner will send the work done to the other.

Oman is surrounded by mountains so that had made it isolated for a long time. tourists are mainly coming to see this amazing feature which makes them feel surprise. Mountian climbing and making adventures of exploration are the favourite desires of tours.
Expolre masira and Halaneyat island where you can find the true nature. You have a lot of variety to do there such as windsurfing, diving and many water sports as well as many other activities.

Design a power point programme

Students design a power point programme about the project adding some sound effects

Presenting the programme

Students and the teacher present their power point programme in their schools in order to receive feedback on it before sending it to the partner.

Exchange the power point programme

Upload and exchange proesentation via our project space. Then present the partner's programme about the geographical features of their countries.

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