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A project space for the international work of our year 7-11 tutor groups We would like other schools across the world to add more information as a resource on each country for our tutor groups.

Age range
11 - 15
Christine Bass
Project stage
In progress
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13 years ago
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Stage One

Tutor groups at Miltoncross School will gather information about the country they are linked with. Some tutor groups will gather items to send to a link school in their "country".

Stage Two

Tutor groups will upload their information onto their elanguages site for students in other countries to see. Tutor groups taking part in the shoebox project will send their items to their link school overseas.

Stage Three

Students in other countries around the world will add information or give more up to date information to our students by adding comments or contacting them by email. They may be able to start off another joint project with a specific group of students in a particular country as a result of this. Tutor groups taking part in the shoebox project will receive a shoebox with items from the school in the other country, discuss and extend their knowledge of life in their link country.

Tutor Groups

Our tutor groups are named after the following different countries. Please click on a country to see what our students have found out about it.

folder iconBrazil group

objects: 8
What we've learned about Brazil
Microsoft PowerPoint Brazil Info.ppt 1.1 MB
Microsoft PowerPoint Brazil sam ans silviu 2.ppt 58.0 kB
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Microsoft PowerPoint Rebecca and Jack.ppt 606.5 kB

folder iconIndia group

objects: 2
What we've learned about India
Unknown type Assembly speeches.docx 12.0 kB
Microsoft PowerPoint India1.ppt 2.6 MB

folder iconJamaica group

objects: 2
What we've learned about Jamaica
Microsoft PowerPoint Jamaica.ppt 346.0 kB
Microsoft PowerPoint Jamaica 2.ppt 148.5 kB

folder iconGermany group

objects: 1
What we've learned about Germany
Microsoft PowerPoint number 1 to 10.ppt 179.5 kB

folder iconTunisia group

objects: 1
What we've learned about Tunisia
Microsoft EXCEL spreadsheet Questionnaire - 10TU.xls 19.5 kB

Jan 16, 2010 - Spain tutor group

Link with Colégio Madre María Rosa Molas in Zaragoza, Spain. This is a summary of the project so far by the teacher in charge in Zaragoza.

Los alumnos de 3º ESO y alumnos de 2º ESO están participando en el proyecto "Shoebox" del British Council. Intercambiamos cajas de zapatos con los alumnos de Miltoncross School en Portsmouth (Inglaterra). Se trata de un intercambio cultural. En noviembre nosotros les envíamos una caja de zapatos con la Agenda de nuestro Colegio, postales de Zaragoza, nuestro cachirulo, la cinta de la Virgen del Pilar, adoquines, huesos de Santo, un reloj de Fluvi con nuestra hora y fotos de la celebración del Día del Pilar en el Colegio. En enero hemos recibido su caja de zapatos con una sudadera con el escudo de su colegio, su Agenda, caramelos y cholates, revistas, el periódico local, postales, la bandera del Portsmouth FC, la orla de su clase, dos barcos de juguete, entradas del cine, bolígrafos y libras. Así estamos conociendo Portsmouth, las costumbres inglesas y la vida de un colegio inglés. Ellos están aprendiendo sobre España más allá de los tópicos.

News published by the Spanish Department of Education in Aragon:


Take a look at the presentation. These are the photos from the Spanish students showing them with the gifts from Portsmouth and getting ready to send their next shoebox to England.

Daily life

Would you like to know a bit more about Spanish students' daily life and how it has changed in the last seventy years? Have a look at these presentations!


What do Spanish people eat? Tortilla de patata (there are lots of versions of the famous Spanish omelette), paella and... Photos weren't taken from books. They were taken by the students after they cooked them themselves or with the help of their grandmothers and parents.

TV series and programmes

What's on TV? These are the plots of some of the most popular Spanish programmes and series on TV?

Other Media