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>My Favorite Animal

My Favorite Animal


This project is for children arround the world to learn about their favorite animal and other student from other country know more about many animal arround the world. This is across curicular project like Biology, Englsh, creative writing, art & animal walfare. If You have any ideas, feel free to join & add stages & folders.

Age range
10 - 16
Lismar Rohimi
Project stage
In progress
Last update
10 years ago
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My Favorite Aminal - Biology

In This section, student can add their favorite animal. They could include power point, word documentation, maps, and podcasts to let everybody know about their favorite animal.

How to take care your favorite animal?

Different animal have a different way to take care. Like how to feed them, take a bath, give vaccine etc.

Animal in human life

Animal in this world not just became a friend. They can help us to make our life easier like for transportation, dog hunter etc

The art of your favorite animal

Student can add their painting, photos about their favorite animal

Animal writing - English or creative writing

Student who write poems or description about their favorite animal, could include it here.

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My Favorite Animal

What do you think about tiger.

[ ]
bu Lismar, tanya dunk...
10 years ago
kenapa suka harimau? :)
[ ]
lucu ya...
10 years ago
what a cool boy!
[ ]
aku tahu...
10 years ago
karena arrrrrrrrrrrrrgggggggggggghhhhhh, gahar gitu loh bu rika :)
[ ]
10 years ago
kenapa ceneng ma macan cie?emang bu litsmar ga takut ma macan?di lumah punya macan ga?belapa ekol?

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responses: 13
My thinking about Tiger is
a. Beautifull 46.2%
47 percent graph bar
b. Scary 30.8%
31 percent graph bar
c. Wild 23.1%
24 percent graph bar
29/11/2008 - 31/12/2008
Poll closed:31/12/2008

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