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>My world, your world, our world

My world, your world, our world


The aim of the project is to introduce pupils to the challenges of climate change by exploring the concept of a carbon footprint and the steps individuals or schools can take to reduce their impact on the environment. We hope to produce a podcast containing a song with key messages on how we can change our lifestyle to save our world. We will photograph (maybe video) the class singing the song and place it on eLanguages. We would like to work with schools around the world. In this way, we believe we can create a global response to a global problem. Primary schools who teach a foreign language should be able to use the resources provided by other partner schools as materials in their language lessons and even post some of their own materials in their language of study on eLanguages. A Word document is available on our project page containing links and notes on useful websites, some of which are multi-lingual.

Age range
7 - 11
Terry Cooper
Project stage
In progress
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14 years ago
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Phase 1: Working on the Web

We will use some of the websites listed in the Word document posted on our project page. We will show the websites on the whiteboard in class and also encourage pupils to access the same websites at home or on the school’s computers. The websites will help pupils understand what a carbon footprint is and the changes in lifestyle which each of us can make to reduce the effect of our daily activities on the environment.

Phase 2: Working in groups and building resources

Pupils will then work in groups. Each group will work on one theme from ‘Home’, ‘School’, ‘Travel’. They will identify aspects which are harmful to the environment and key steps which can be taken to reduce our impact. They will use digital cameras or mobile phones to take photos to illustrate the theme.

Phase 3: Sharing photos

We will collect the best photos (maximum 25) and, using software such as Photoshop we will label each photograph with a message. The photos will be posted on eLanguages. Other schools can do the same so that a multilingual photo resource bank is created for all participating schools to use. Tip!! If you don’t have photo editing software, you can place photos in PowerPoint and add a text box containing the message to each slide. Then, save each slide in jpg format so that the slide becomes a photo which can then be placed on eLanguages.

Final phase: My world,your world, our world. Podcast

The class will work with the teacher (and the music teacher) to create a short song incorporating as many of the key messages as possible. Teachers may use materials posted on the project page by partners to incorporate some key messages in the song in the foreign language that the pupils are studying. The song will be recorded and posted on eLanguages as a podcast. A photo (maybe a video) of the class singing their song will also be posted on eLanguages.

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