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We would like to share and gather information about the similarities and differences in secondary schools in different countries, e.g. the school hours, uniforms, subjects studied and opinions on them, exams and qualifications, food in the canteen, after school activities, etc. We would like schools to participate who would be able to take part in surveys as well as sharing pictures and work from the pupils.

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11 - 16
Claire Hobbs
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In progress
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13 years ago
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Scoala Generala Nr.7 Petrosani Romania

In English,our school name is Secondary School Nr.7 Petrosani - Romania - Europe. In our country secondary school means from 7 to 14 years old. We have about 800 students, and we are about 40 teachers. From 1 to 4 th level there is one teacher. From 5 to 8 th each subject means one teacher per class. The little ones work in the morning, the olders in the afternoon. So, we finish the school at 6 or 7 pm. It is not easy at all! Our children are from families with economic problems. It is not easy at all!

The school day.

In the morning, the little ones go to school from 8 to 11,45 am. Their classhour is 45 minutes with 10 minutes breack. They get milk and croissants from school and have their own food from home. The olders start school at 12am or 1pm. Their classhour is 50 minutes with 10 minutes breack. They get the same milk and croissants from school. They have 4, 5 or 6 classhours, each of it for a different subject with a different teacher. We do not have school at Saturday.

Our uniform.

A description of what pupils wear to school. What is forbidden.

Our subjects and qualifications.

In the gymnazium, pupils study roumanian, french and english language, math, biology, history, geography,etc.It depends of the level of class. I teach technolgy, an interesting subject about the main activities of society. Our education system knows a lot of changes after the 50 years of comunism. Today, children have to pass an exam for high school, they will study 4 years and then go to work or to the university or college



What do pupils do at lunch? What food is served in the canteen?

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