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>My Health is in my food - Othman Bin Affan School, UAQ

My Health is in my food - Othman Bin Affan School, UAQ


The aim of this project is that pupils aged 11-16 from different countries develop genuine awareness of healthy diets and improve general education outcomes.

Age range
11 - 16
Suleiman Kasem
Project stage
In progress
Last update
13 years ago
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Do you know how healthy your food is?

Food data collection

Student Weekly Food Observation Form. Student Food Questionnaire. Family food Questionnaire. Data analysis.

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Please find here below the project plan.
Microsoft Word fileProject Plan.doc 123.5 kB
Health education about food and nutrition at Othman Bin School.

This lecture was presented by a staff of the UAQ Health Education Department.
A lecture on healthy food and nutrition basics at Othman Bin Affan School library.
Please feel free to watch and download the project activities in video format. With my best regards,
Suleiman Kasem
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