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>A Story To Tell

A Story To Tell


Everyone enjoys telling and listening to stories. Let's share our students' favorite stories and have them enjoy what children from different countries like to read.

Age range
6 - 9
Rawya Shatila
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In progress
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4 years ago
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Voting for the Favorite Story

Brainstorm stories students have read. Have them wander freely and choose amongst these stories and vote for the one they like most.

Telling Stories With Photos

Students create a photostory project about their favorite story. Have them tell the story by describing pictures and taking turns reading it.

best story

grade two favorite story "The Magic Fish"

I Am A Butterfly

folder iconStories from students of JNV Bhiwani India_

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Stories for our little friends from Lebanon.
Microsoft PowerPoint The Miser and his son.ppt 37.0 kB
Microsoft PowerPoint The Princess and the Woodcutter.ppt 95.0 kB
Microsoft PowerPoint The fat Princess and the slim Hakeem.ppt 24.0 kB
Microsoft PowerPoint I want something in a cage...ppt 41.5 kB
Microsoft PowerPoint A Tale Of Two Birds.ppt 215.5 kB
Microsoft PowerPoint A Strange Wrestling Match.ppt 45.5 kB
Microsoft PowerPoint The story of an old man..ppt 902.5 kB
powerpoint files A Pact With The Sun.ppt 110.5 kB

Sharing The Stories

Students watch photostories projects retold by children from different countries and then reflect by talking or writing about these stories.

Alice in Wonderland

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