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>Spirit of the Trees Project

Spirit of the Trees Project


A space for schools to share their work. Upload here your tree photos and other pictures or documents related to the theme of the tree showing the activities and events that happened in your school. Possible starting points: How many trees can you name that grow in a tropical rainforest? How many can we name in our own country? Why are trees important? Do we take them all for granted? You could plant a tree in your school and do some cross-curricular work around the theme of the Tree. Tree stories from other cultures...

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5 - 11
Stephanie Baker
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In progress
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11 years ago
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Working with trees in Bromstone 

folder iconStarter activity - How to plant a tree

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Our school took advantage free tree schemes run by Kent and the Woodland Trust. We received in total 36 trees and hedges to plant on the school grounds. Our three year 3-4 classes and two reception classes worked hard together. Digging was tough but the children were great athletes and completed their task armed with spades.
JPEG image Nearly there... 142.5 kB
JPEG image We all enjoyed it! 144.1 kB
JPEG image Team work, I hold it up and you rake the earth. 141.3 kB
JPEG image Guess the tree 140.2 kB
JPEG image It's easier with your hands! 138.5 kB
JPEG image Our reception buddies 147.9 kB
JPEG image Digging 146.0 kB
JPEG image Hedge number 2 is going in! 182.5 kB
JPEG image Planting trees around the school perimeter 168.3 kB

folder iconLooking at trees

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A walk in a woodland with my family. We looked at trees and learned about them, some very unusual indeed... Photos and information gathered will be used at later date to plan our tree topic.
JPEG image Each year has its tree 153.6 kB
JPEG image Info about the oak tree 144.2 kB
JPEG image Info about the silver birch 150.0 kB
JPEG image Info about the hawthorn tree 140.1 kB
JPEG image Info about the hazel tree 142.6 kB
JPEG image Bearing autumn fruits 140.1 kB
JPEG image Human tree 141.8 kB
Our friends from Lebanon. Thank you Rawya!

planting day

Grade one made crafty posters to learn about parts of plants. They opened and pressed flat paper muffin cups. Then they drew stems and leaves with crayons. Finally, they glued seeds to the center of the flowers.

muffin cup sunflowers

JNV Bhiwani - India

folder iconSpirit of trees Resources JNV Bhiwani India

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Spirit of trees
Unknown type How to grow plants JNV Bhiwani.docx 12.6 kB
Windows media video Trees project JNV Bhiwani India.wmv 3.5 MB
Windows media video About Trees JNV Bhiwani.wmv 4.6 MB

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