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Ancient Egypt Project Space


Our year 3 and 4 students will learn about Ancient Egypt. Are you doing the same topic? have you been to Egypt or maybe you live there? We would love to hear from you all.

Age range
5 - 11
Stephanie Baker
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In progress
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14 years ago
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Our activities

We looked at artefacts and photographs to find out about life in Ancient Egypt time. We read lots of stories set in AE days and other information books. We used drama each week to act out important AE scenes. Children became farmers, embalmers, pyramid builders,scribes mastering the hieroglyphics, kings and queens, gods and goddesses... They developped their writing skills in writing their own AE stories and making information leaflets. Our little artists then designed their own AE jewels and made scarab pendants out of clay. We finished our AE topic by making our mini version of Tutankhamun's mummy and sarcophagus.

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