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>La Bonne Cuisine Project Space

La Bonne Cuisine Project Space


A Rainbow on my plate - E-twinning project. We would like to share our food habits and discover what other schools are doing for Healthy Eating. What is in your packed lunch? Explore food cultures around the world.

Age range
5 - 11
Stephanie Baker
Project stage
In progress
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14 years ago
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Where to start?

Here are some links you could start with

Events happening in our area Thanet, UK.
What is happening elsewhere?

folder iconA French recipe of the traditional Swiss muesli

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We had the pleasure to have a Swiss teacher for three weeks in our school. We used Google Earth to locate Michaela's country and study its geopraphy. We also looked at photographs from Switzerland that Michaela had brought us and compared our respective countries. We tried to find a place somewhere high, in England where Michaela could practice her passion, paragliding. Unfortunately we were unable to locate any high mountains or hills near our area! We are rather surrounded by the sea and in some places living under the sea level! This is a far cry for the high and majestic Swiss Alps! As part of our Healthy Eating topic, Michaela taught us how to make a traditional Swiss muesli. We all had to follow the instructions in French all in French, the result was delicious!!! We are dearly missing Michaela, whom has left us with unforgettable memories and has now become one of our international partners.
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Gallery Making Swiss muesli

folder iconFood habits

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A space to compare the contents of our lunch boxes. What would you have for a snack?
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A page with links for Fair Trade and World Food Day events.
Are you a Fair Trade school?
Find out how you could become one and make a difference in the life of many people around the world.

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