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>ARGuing for Multilingual Motivation in Web 2_0

ARGuing for Multilingual Motivation in Web 2_0


Using games to motivate language learners. ARGUing for Multilingual Motivation in Web 2.0 (ARGuing), is a education project funded by the European Union Lifelong learning programme. The project created an Alternate Reality Game called the 'Tower of Babel' This game was successfully played by over 400 students and teachers from 28 schools in 17 countries. During the game the players: Uploaded 862 files (Audio, video, word, presentations, images) Submitted 9,135 answers across all the quests. A methodology has been created that will enable educators to reproduce the project themselves (see project website). A participating teachers said: I can tell you that my students seem to be in a dream. They keep telling me all the time how happy they are with the game. Their interest towards learning English has increased in just two days playing. - Teacher Spain

Age range
13 - 16
Joel Josephson
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14 years ago
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ARGuing European Union Project - Games in Education

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