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>Primary Teachers Teaching French

Primary Teachers Teaching French


A project for teachers of French either as a first or as a second language to share experiences and resources with each other. An opportunity to find other countries in the world which are leaning the same language and communicate with each other.

Age range
18 - 65
Judy Skelton
Project stage
In progress
Last update
13 years ago
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Languages are now being taught in English primary schools. As this is a new initiative, there are lots of resources available to help us to get started.

I teach French to children from 4-11 and would love to meet teachers from other countries worldwide who also teach French.

It may be more appropriate to run this project in French. Please let me know what you think.


Let's share useful websites which we use in our own countries to teach French.

Websites used in England

Links to websites used by primary school teachers teaching French in England

This is a website which supports all primary language teaching in England. It includes videos of lessons and transcripts.

These are in the media library. You choose browse by language and then choose French.
This is a website where teachers can talk to each other about primary languages and share expertise and resources.

Classroom resources used by English teachers.

Other Media