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>Festivals, Traditions and Celebrations

Festivals, Traditions and Celebrations


To look at the way different countries and religions celebrate festivals.

Age range
11 - 16
Catherine Andy
Project stage
In progress
Last update
9 years ago
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Celebration of Diwali

folder iconFestivals in Kuwait

objects: 4
Pupils display festivals and occasions celebrated in Kuwait
Microsoft PowerPoint National Day.ppt 2.2 MB
Microsoft PowerPoint Eid Al Adha by aseel.ppt 757.5 kB
Microsoft PowerPoint Hala February.ppt 1.6 MB
Unknown type العيد الوطني.docm 29.9 kB

folder iconFestivals in the UK

objects: 3
Information about festivals
Microsoft Word file Festivals and Special Celebrations in the United Kingdom.doc 36.5 kB
Microsoft PowerPoint Palm Sunday set 3.ppt 335.0 kB
Microsoft PowerPoint How we celebrate Easter set 2 and 4.ppt 669.5 kB

folder iconFestivals in India

objects: 2
Information about festivals
Microsoft PowerPoint presentation on Dushehra.ppt 3.6 MB
Microsoft PowerPoint presentation on diwali.ppt 5.8 MB


A description of traditions of each country

folder iconTraditional art from Palestine

objects: 1
Powerpoints from students at Gaza Prep. “A” Girls
Microsoft PowerPoint This is a powerpoint presentation about Palestinian traditional embroidery done by the students of Gaza Prep Girls School.ppt 13.0 MB


A description of celebrations in each country

National Sports and games

A description of the sports of each country


A description of monuments in each country

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Palestinian Embroidery
13 years ago

Dear Rida

What a lovely powerpoint about embroidery. I will pass it on to the Textiles teacher who will be interested in showing it to her pupils. Such beautiful examples of cross stitch by your pupils!

Thank you for sharing it on the page.


Re: Palestinian Embroidery
13 years ago
Hi Catherine ! Thanks alot for giving us the chance to share in this fantastic project . We are so happy that you like our work and we appreciate your effort to show it to other teachers and pupils . My students are interested in working on a project about the famous old places in Jerusalem . Will this fit in the part related to monuments ? We have lots of other ideas about traditional folk dancing ( dabka ) , crafts and other traditional games . If you find that appropriate , just let me know . Thanks again . Best regards Rida
[ ]
Re: Palestinian Embroidery
13 years ago
Hi Rida Yes that will fit with the monuments part - can't wait to find out more :) Thanks Catherine
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valentines dsy
13 years ago


It hasbecome  very popular here.a festivsl og love

[ ]
13 years ago

Ee are eagerly awaiting for Holi...a festival of colours

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Some questions for Kuwait
Is it important for cars to be painted with the colours of the flag?
Is it important to have lots of colours at your festival?
Do you get the day off school? Why?
Does everyone in Kuwait celebrate independence day?
Do you celebrate Easter?
Is it fun to have your faces painted for the festival?
Is there any special food that you eat?
Is there any special symbols you use for the festival?
Is it important to you that your country has its own independence?
Is it important for people to celebrate independence day?
Do you celebrate Christmas?
Do you have any other festivals which you celebrate?
What's the most important festival that you celebrate?

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