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>Our Environment Our Future

Our Environment Our Future


Students from the Trafalgar School at Downton and Nanhai Arts High School will look at the environmental issues that surround their own locality and analyse the problems which exist and suggest solutions which could be part of the future.

Age range
11 - 18
Jonny Cole
Project stage
In progress
Last update
14 years ago
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Stage 1
Both schools have met face to face and agree that environmental issues are very relevant to both localities. The issues the schools face are very different, but equally important.

Stage 2
Teachers from both schools have agreed who will lead the project:
Trafalgar - Mr Jonny Cole
NAHS - Mr Luo Libo
These teachers will coordinate their teams and formulate a plan and timetable to proceed with the project.

Stage 3
Students will engage with their local issues and communicate them using the enlanguages website as the platform.

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