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What do you eat for breakfast?

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Hi pupils of Wells Primary School of England
13 years ago

We are so pleased to have an insight into your food habits and life style. Really it seems that we have known you so intimately. Your ppts are praiseworthy and we learnt a lot from them. We live in hostels so we have to eat in mess and cannot have what we wish. In India people generally like spicy food. South Indian food is really very delicious with so many varieties. A lot of Indians live in your country and we observed some Indian names in your school too. We discuss life in England and compare it with our lives. We will write soon.

Prafful, Suchika, Atul, Brijmohan class-VIth

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Re:reply to school in India!
13 years ago

I thought your little presentation was absolutley amazing- Prafful, Suchika,Atul and Brijmohan are clearly very talented pupils! It will be very interesting comparing our two different schools. We both have clearly opposite cultures but many rules are the same- for example you guys work from litterally dusk till dawn! Whereas in England we don't necceserily have to work that long

     Yours sincerely Gemma


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Re: Hi pupils of Wells Primary School of England
13 years ago

Hello, we are very happy to have you as one of our partner schools.


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