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>How to read numbers from 1-10 in Arabic & English language

How to read numbers from 1-10 in Arabic & English language


In this project I want to help both arbaic or English Persons or Teachers who would like to know more about numbers in both languages Arabic & in the oposite English

Age range
5 - 50
Mohammed Khader
Project stage
In progress
Last update
6 years ago
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first stage : show numbers in Arabic and English

in this stage we will show you the numbers from 1 - 10 in arabic and in english

Arabic And English numbers are writen in different way so if you look to the following pictures you will find first the arabic numbers which writen from 0 to 9 and in the second picture the numbers in english compair them in the same orderwith the third picture 

arabic numbers
English numbers
arabic and english

Second stage : Listen and Read The Numbers

We will use some audio files ( done by students ) to let you listen to the sound of the number in both arabic and english

Third stage : Media Files

In This stage we will show you the same numbers in video And Audio files

Forth stage : Do simple addition in arabic and english

now you are able to do some simple addition process follow up the power point presentations

Educational links

her some usefull site teach student math in asimple way

Magic Math Adventure Tour for ages 9 to 10
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