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If you are a teacher looking for international partners for your school and would like a safe, secure, easy-to-use space to share your partnership work online, then you've come to the right place.

You can find new partner schools and projects to work with or get support to develop a school partnership you already have.

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What is eLanguages?
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eLanguages is a global online community of teachers sharing ideas and working together with their students on curriculum-relevant projects.

You can create your own school profile, meet teachers from around the world and share a variety of resources to make your projects lively and interactive.

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eLanguages projects provide a perfect framework to motivate pupils to develop communication, ICT and language skills. They also increase international and cultural awareness.

The eLanguages team is on hand to offer support every step of the way. We can help you find partners and projects, give technical support and advice on ICT tools, and also provide guidance on developing your project ideas.

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If you're new to the site, the first step is to apply to join. Once you have received your login details you can then tell other teachers about yourself, look for projects to join and schools to connect with or start your own project and invite others to participate.

"It is really amazing that our link school can share many things and communicate with us online. Thank you so much."

Teacher from Number 12 Middle School in China

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Fill in our registration form and once your application is approved, we'll send you passwords and advice on how to get active in the community.

"It's brilliant! I've been looking for a set of web tools for school links for the last two years. I've found many of the tools that eLanguages offers on a variety of other sites, but never all under the same roof."

Advanced Skills Teacher, Notre Dame High School, Norfolk

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Every class in your school adopts one of the countries taking part in Brazil 2014 to find out more about its culture, history, traditions, food and language.

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