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Sister school project


This project aims are to get alot number of teacher from different school around the world to join in with this project and exchanging informations about the school culture, teacher and school achievements and goals from time to time and how they can achieve it in order to increase motivation for those who are succeed to be able to reach more. And also to give an example for those who still try reaching it. Wiseman said "We never know how far we go till we share it with someone else how far they go, we never know how delicious the cake we made until we give it to someone else to taste it ". So, lets share our achievements and goals with all the teacher around the world to make a better future for all student around the world. Life end when you stop dreaming, hope end when you stop believing, love end when you stop caring....

Age range
20 - 65
Lisa Hadija
Project stage
In progress
Last update
13 years ago
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folder iconWomen's Diary (to make students understand about menstruation)

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powerpoint program to teach in class
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Microsoft PowerPoint Women's Diary by Khoirul Muaddib.ppt 9.4 MB Lisa Hadija 28-04-2010

How to make your student listen and understand your lesson...?

Describes your teaching methods which you think are powerfull and able to make your student listen and understand your lesson. You may give your power point or website of your subject of teaching methods, etc.

What kind of outside class activity that you do with your student that related with your subject...?

Describe any activity that you do outside class with your student that related with your subject. Gives picture, movie, others to make us clear about it.

Sister School Networking

Defined your's and your school networking with other school, if you haven't than start a new one. You can also linked this project to your school website so that we can view it and learn more about you and your school. At the end maybe we can discuss things that we found in it, etc.

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Let's Sh@re It...? What's in Your Mind...?

Write down anything that accros to your mind that related to education, school, motivation, etc. Explore your mind... !

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