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>School dinners in many languages

School dinners in many languages


To share menus and photographs and descriptions of the food we eat in school in our countries.

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4 - 14
Kerry Carrie
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Resources in English

Examples of menus, photographs and descriptions of food our children eat at English schools.

Litton School - what we have for our dinner.

The children took photos of their school dinners for a week. They then made them in to powerpoint pages and labelled all the food items. They also added photos of themselves eating dinner.

Click on the powerpoint below for the full week's menu.jpg
This photo shows an example. Click on the powerpoint below for the full week's menu

A number of children do not have school dinners but bring their own lunch from home (packed lunch.) Here are some examples of what is in their lunch boxes.

The photo shows an example page. Click on the powerpoint below to access the photos and text.

The photo shows an example page. Click on the powerpoint below to see the rest of the packed lunch photos and text.jpg
The photo shows an example page. Click on the powerpoint below to see the rest of the packed lunch photos and text

folder iconBelmont Primary School menus

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Letter to parents re school meals and three sample menus
Microsoft Word file menu week 3.doc 21.0 kB
Microsoft Word file menu week 2.doc 21.0 kB
Microsoft Word file menu week 1.doc 21.5 kB
Microsoft Word file Bemont letter to parents re menu.doc 23.5 kB

Here is an example of the menu used in Derbyshire schools for those pupils, who have school dinners.

Adobe Acrobat fileDCC menu.pdf 2.3 MB

Ressources en français

Afin que les utilisateurs français puissent contribuer plus facilement, nous aimerions que cette partie soit en français. Ainsi, tout professeur ou enfant aura la possibilité de naviguer et de contribuer utilisant leur propre langue. Nous vous prions de bien vouloir coriger toute faute d'orthographe ou d'usage, et d'encourager vos collėgues et vos éléves à contribuer au site.

Menus des restaurants scolaires de la Ville de Lyon

menu de la Cité scolaire de Masevaux

This is a great website offering lunchbox ideas in French and English.

Recursos didácticos

Ejemplos de menús, fotografías y descripciones de comidas de colegios españoles. De esta manera los participantes españoles pueden participar más facilmente. Nos gustaría hacer esta sección en español. Cada profesor y alumno será así capaz de navegar y contribuir en su propia lengua. Por favor, siéntanse libres de corregir la ortografía o la gramática y animen a sus colegas y alumnos a participar en este portal.

This example of Spanish school dinners has been sent by María José Sierras. It is interesting to note the nutritional breakdown of each meal is included as well as a suggestion for parents for what could be served for dinner each night.

Resources in other Languages

Please feel free to make a new section of resources in any other language. Add a project stage and translate the description into your own language to create your section.

Indian dinner.jpg
Students having meal in mess.JPG

Wallwisher for posting comments of students

folder iconRussia

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Open the documents below to read more
Unknown type Breakfasts of Russian students.pptx 155.3 kB
Microsoft PowerPoint Russian school research on healthy food.ppt 9.8 MB

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This project is part of a group of projects for Language Teachers. The idea is to support each other by sharing resources from our own classrooms to help teachers around the world who are teaching our language. It is a sub project of Sharing Resources for Teaching Languages.

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