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>Let's go green

Let's go green


Generally, Our project will be on environment and different crops grown in our city. Students should be responsible to their environment; they will also know how different crops are grown .

Age range
11 - 16
Abdelaziz Khardefi
Project stage
In progress
Last update
7 years ago
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Link Almansour Eddahbi Video Abdelaziz Khardefi 21-03-2011
Link Almansour Eddahbi Abdelaziz Khardefi 21-03-2011
Image Photo0444.jpg 126.7 kB Abdelaziz Khardefi 21-03-2011
Image Photo0382.jpg 170.1 kB Abdelaziz Khardefi 21-03-2011

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