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>World Cup 2014 - Country Draw

World Cup 2014 - Country Draw


Every class in your school 'adopts' one of the countries taking part in Brazil 2014. 

Age range
5 - 99
Ralph Genang
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In progress
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9 years ago
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Birla High School - India (Kolkota)

198 High School - Armenia (Yerevan)

Public School 165 - Georgia (Tbilisi)

St Clare's - England (Derby)

St. Clare's Special Needs Secondary School, Derby England.

We held our World Cup draw this morning in assembly. As we are a small school we decided that each form would be given a group to research and follow. Year 11 haven't taken part as they will have left school by the time of the world cup!

The draw went as follows:

GroupA class5 (yr 9), GroupB class8 (yr 10), GroupC class2 (yr7), GroupD class4 (yr 9), GroupE class3 (yr8) GroupF class seven (yr10) GroupG class6 (yr10 and GroupH class1 (yr7)

I think the students are too excited about Christmas to do anything about the World Cup right now but we will start in earnest in the New Year.

Whitehouse Common Primary School - England (Sutton Coldfield)

Below is the draw for the classes at Whitehouse Common Primary School. 

Some classes have already begun to find out about their chosen country - Year 3 started with Christmas in their respective countries!

More news to follow!


Preston School - England (Yeovil)

World Cup Draw News:

If you were able to make the draw on Friday, fantastic!

We got so carried away here at Preston School in Yeovil, that no-one took any photos :-(

Still, there were staff and students present and each class now has the flag of their country to kick-start the display in their room.

If did not make the draw, then don't worry. There is plenty of time to choose countries for your classes and get them ready for the first task which will appear in the New Year!


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