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>My favourite food - Haggis [Scotland]

My favourite food - Haggis [Scotland]

My favourite food is haggis, which is the national dish of Scotland.

I like vegetarian haggis, best. This is different from traditional haggis which is made from barley and chopped meats, but is made from nuts and grains.

Whether you choose traditional haggis or vegetarian haggis, it's always best eaten with mashed potatoes ("tatties") and boiled turnip ("neeps").

Our most famous national poet, Robert Burns, even wrote a poem to a plate of haggis, describing it as the "Great Chieftan o' the Pudding Race"!
Ingredients To make a haggis, you will need: - Barley, boiled - Chopped heart, liver, and other bits that come to hand, quick fried - Black pepper and salt, to taste - One sheep's stomach to put the mixture in - A saucepan to steam the haggis in, or an oven to bake it in. To accompany this, add: - Boiled potatoes, mashed with a little bit of butter melting in the middle - Boiled turnip or swede, mashed with salt and pepper

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