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>Healthy eating for teenagers in my country

Healthy eating for teenagers in my country


This project looks at good food in my country, favourite snacks for teenagers and what healthy eating means for us all.

Age range
10 - 14
Nils Tomes
Project stage
In progress
Last update
16 years ago
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This project looks at the kinds of food we enjoy eating, whether everyday food or on special occasions. Teenagers enjoy cooking their own food - but do you know how healthy your favourite recipe REALLY is?

My favourite meal!

For our first activity we each describe out favourite meal. We share information about the recipe, the kinds of ingredients in the meal, and a bit about why we like this meal so much. Each class will take a photo of a particularly enjoyable meal during the week. Post the picture here, so that we can see your favourite dish! Write a description of the meal, and tell us what ingredients are in it. This activity is designed to take place over a week.

So good!

In the second activity, each class talks about their favourite meals and discusses why the meal is healthy or not so healthy. You might want to talk about what amounts of protein, carbohydrate, sugars and fats a teenager should eat. Put your results onto this site as a written description or perhaps as a short video, if you've got access to a digital camera. This activity is designed to take place over a fortnight

What do you think?

Time for you to tell us what you think about healthy eating. We'll keep this poll open for a fortnight to give time for people to consider their ideas about healthy food.

poll iconHealthy eating - what do you think?

responses: 3
Do you think carefully about whether your food is healthy, before you choose what to eat?
Always - I never eat anything without thinking carefully about health 0.0%
0 percent graph bar
Sometimes, but I don't always remember 66.7%
67 percent graph bar
Only for certain foods that I suspect are bad for me 33.3%
34 percent graph bar
Never - I just tuck in straight away 0.0%
0 percent graph bar
25/09/2007 - 09/10/2007
Poll closed:09/10/2007

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