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school in many languages


When we teach children other languages, it makes sense to learn the language which describes the everyday environment. This area will be to help teachers to teach the language of school.

Age range
6 - 12
Judy Skelton
Project stage
In progress
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9 years ago
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Resources in English

An area to share information and work in English

This powerpoint has been made in class as we learned how to use powerpoint and add sound.  It will show you our school and teach some of the vocabulary to do with school buildings and furniture.


Sometimes it is difficult to find current up to date vocabulary.  The internet is a wonderful place to find this sort of language.  I thought it might be interesting to share websites where colleagues could browse more in depth vocabulary relating to school and the classroom.


Resources in French

An area to share information and work which will enable colleagues in other countries to teach the language of school more effectively.

Websites for French school equipment.

Link for practising classroom vocabulary in French.

Text and images for classroom vocabulary in French

A tour of a Swiss school with text and images.

Visitez une école suisse - description et photos

Listen to a French child describing school in France.

Écoutez un jeune français qui décrit l'école en France.

Resources in German

Please do share with us to enable us to teach our children the language of school and the classroom in German.


Resources in Spanish

Please show us what your school and classroom are like and help us to learn the vocabulary of school.

This project is part of a group of projects for Language Teachers. The idea is to support each other by sharing resources from our own classrooms to help teachers around the world who are teaching our language. It is a sub project of Sharing Resources for Teaching Languages.

Other related projects

Links to other projects and pages about school which could be used to teach the language of school

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