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Celebrating the World Cup

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Have a look at the range of activities done by St Oswald's Catholic Junior School in England.

They made mosaics, had themed food days, created flags, learned dances, made presentations to class, designed masks, tried out traditional crafts, wrote poetry, and produced their own tye dye t-shirts - all based on the countries each calss drew in their World Cup draw. A fantastic whole school effort!

To view the photos, click on the link below.

folder iconWorld Cup assemblies, Ashton on Mersey, England

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At Ashton on Mersey, England, every tutor group completed research on the country that they were following from the world cup draw. They produced a power-point and presented this information to their peers in their year group assemblies. we have uploaded a few examples in the previous section for people to look at.
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folder iconFIFA 2010 at Beirut Modern School, Lebanon

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This is how our students fully celebrate the FIFA 2010. They don't only cheer up for the participating teams, but they also research about some of their country's backgroud. Some drawings are even on their way!
Microsoft Word file All FIFA.doc 431.0 kB
Link Football World Cup at KSPS, Beirut, Lebanon

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