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>We're from Cornwall - Where do you live?

We're from Cornwall - Where do you live?


We invite schools from the UK and around the world to talk about their lives. Where they live? What their day is like? Hobbies? What they like about their home and life? Are there any local customs, festivals or ceremonies? Try to include photos, powerpoint presentations, short videos or other resources in each of the sections.

Age range
7 - 11
Tristan Rowles
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In progress
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8 years ago
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My area

In this section students will include descriptions of their local area. Where is it? What is it like? what are the local industries and land uses? Religion? Other interesting facts about where you live. What makes your town unique? You could include any local websites.

folder iconLongton, Stoke, West Midlands, England

objects: 0
A local study of our area, Longton. By year 3 and 4.
This folder is empty.

folder iconBursa, Turkey

objects: 2
All about Bursa in Turkey
Microsoft PowerPoint fototaking in Bursa - Gölyazı.ppt 2.5 MB
Microsoft Word file Bursa Turkey.doc 64.0 kB

folder iconGarodia International Centre For Learning - Mumbai, India

objects: 2
Some of the powerpoints about our area
Microsoft PowerPoint Our local area by Sripad and Tejas.ppt 4.0 MB
Microsoft PowerPoint An adventure trip by Zeel, Nirjari and Rajvi.ppt 4.8 MB

folder iconSt Austell

objects: 8
Carclaze Community Junior School is in the heart of "Clay Country" in Cornwall. St Austell is our nearest town. Children's ideas about St Austell.
powerpoint files What I like about Cornwall by Darryl.ppt 418.5 kB
powerpoint files Our Local Area by nikkitta.ppt 68.0 kB
powerpoint files our local area phoebe.ppt 447.0 kB
powerpoint files our local area by tarryn and chloe.ppt 695.0 kB
powerpoint files HARRY + STACEYS GOOD THINGS ABOUT CORNWALL.ppt 249.5 kB
powerpoint files Our Local Area by Tia and Katy.ppt 625.0 kB
powerpoint files Our local area by James .ppt 965.5 kB
Microsoft PowerPoint Our local area By Callum and alex 2.ppt 514.0 kB

folder iconInformation about our area JNV Bhiwani India

objects: 3
Resources about our area
Windows media video Pottery in our area JNV Bhiwani.wmv 3.4 MB
Windows media video Our Surroundings JNV Bhiwani.wmv 2.1 MB
Microsoft Word file Planning a visit to our home town.doc 116.0 kB
zd most.jpg

My School

What is your school like? Include a day in your life. What time does your day start? Which are your favourite lessons? What do you do at break time?

folder iconCarclaze Community Junior School - St Austell, Cornwall

objects: 4
Our School through our eyes.
powerpoint files Carclaze a good sport school.ppt 314.5 kB
powerpoint files Carclaze Community Junior by Thomas and daniel.ppt 123.5 kB
powerpoint files school Haidee and Summer.ppt 121.5 kB
powerpoint files School Chloe and Tarryn (smile).ppt 328.5 kB

folder iconMelike Pınar Primary School, Bursa, Turkey

objects: 4
Student works from Melike Pınar Primary School.
Image students planting mats. 176.1 kB
JPEG image meşe palamutu (8).jpg 176.1 kB
Image 29 ekim özdilek (9).jpg 241.2 kB
Microsoft PowerPoint WHAT SHOULD WE DO TO PROTECT OUR ENVIRONMENT? by Simge.ppt 264.5 kB

folder iconGarodia International Centre For Learning

objects: 1
Our students
Microsoft PowerPoint at Garodia International centre for learning India 1.3 MB

folder iconOur favourite websites

objects: 3
The websites we use at school. For fun and learning. If you know any good ones then add them to the list.
Link Cool Math 4 kids

My Hobbies

What do you do in your spare time? Do you play sport? Friends? Include ideas for games that other children can play.

folder iconAll about me - Carclaze

objects: 2
Carclaze student's likes and hobbies.
powerpoint files about us by Tom and daniel.ppt 241.0 kB
powerpoint files all about phoebe.ppt 1.7 MB

Weddings and other ceremonies or Festivals

The children could add powerpoints, photos or videos of festivals or ceremonies in their country. Eg. weddings. They could describe what happens during the fesival, clothes, food, dancing or other activities and why the festval or ceremony takes place.

folder iconWeddings

objects: 1
Describe a wedding in your country.
Microsoft PowerPoint A Sikh marriage in India.ppt 1.4 MB

folder iconResources on Festivals and ceremonies JNV Bhiwani India

objects: 4
Information about ceremonies.
Windows media video Baptism or Namkaran in India JNV Bhiwani.wmv 4.2 MB
Windows media video Holi Festival in India.wmv 2.8 MB
Windows media video Republic Day in India.wmv 828.6 kB
Windows media video Wedding.wmv 6.8 MB

Further questions

Do you have any questions you would like to ask children from other areas? Please put first name, school and county/state or country (Eg. Bob, Carclaze Junior, Cornwall). Thank you.

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Questions to ask other Schools.

Holidays- Carclaze UK
15 years ago
The children are looking forward to their holidays they are very tired after SATs exams. We are off till September. Being a mainly Christian Country, we also have a break for two weeks in March/April for Easter and two weeks in December for Christmas. They would like to know what holidays people around the world have.
[ ]
Re: Holidays- Carclaze UK
15 years ago
Hi there! I am Susanne from middle-west Germany. In my area the kids are already on holiday but that's different in the federal countries. Our holidays last for about 6 weeks which is not that much. Furthermore we have another 2 weeks in autumn, in winter and in spring. The holidays also refer to the Christian calendar so that's the same. We will start school again on 11th August. This is a month that is usually very hot so the kids want to have longer holidays. In Germany we have exams in the end but also throughout the year. German teachers obviously like to correct tests ....
[ ]
Re: Holidays- In Bahrain
15 years ago
Hello every body. I hope that you enjoy it. We have summer vacation for 2 months July/August and mid term holiday for 3 weeks in January/February. Bahrain is Islamic County, so we have many ceremonies that we celebrate in it. like Eid Al-Fitr 3 Days holidays after Ramadan(we are fasting this month),4 days Eid Al-Adha holidays After Hajj, 3 Days Ashore celebration.
[ ]
Re: Holidays- Carclaze UK
15 years ago
Holidays in Romania are very loved by children. The longest holiday is the summer holiday which starts in June and ends in September.During the holidays most children enjoy spending a few days at least somewhere else, in the mountains, at the seaside , in the country with their grandparents or cousins, or abroad. Then they enjoy to share their impressions about their activities. The children also love the Christmas holiday which brings them snow, a Christmas tree and lots of presents. In spring they enjoy the Easter holiday when they go to church and celebrate Easter according to our orthodox tradition with painted eggs and lamb and Easter cakes.
[ ]
wedding Ceremony - In your county
15 years ago
I suggest to lets the children design a PowerPoint presentation -include films, songs, pictures,...- describe the wedding ceremony in that country .
[ ]
15 years ago
Hi everyone, Thought you might be interested in a lovely presentation from students in Beirut with great photographs their city and a school trip to the beautiful costal area nearby. You can see the presentation on Rana Sabbidine’s project page. The presentation is called ‘Raouche’. If your students have questions for the students who made the presentation then please send Rana a message or post them on the forum on Rana’s project page. Looking forward to hearing from you all when you’re back from your holidays Thank you Chris
[ ]
15 years ago
Hi I am from Delhi, Capital of India. Soon i will upload photograph of my school. Thanks kanwal
[ ]
Rivers around the word- an international cross curricular project,
15 years ago
Hi all, The project is really developing. well done. If anyone is studying rivers or water check out Carclaze's other project. "Rivers around the world." Tris
[ ]
Quality of water reservoir
15 years ago
I would request students to give me the names of the water reservoir near their place of residence or school. Kanwal
[ ]
Introduction-Nehal,DPS,Panipat Refinery
15 years ago
Hi I'm Nehal from DPS Panipat Refinery,Haryana,INDIA. I'm 10 and study in 5 th standard. My fav subjects ars Science and English. I feel highly motivted by our Principal,Mr Vinod Sharma and my mother. I'm from the desert state of Rajasthan. My father works here for Nestle in Panipat. I'll talk about rivers of India,their impact on our life and about our culture too. Bye
[ ]
My Lovely Ramadhan by Suryani Yacoeb
15 years ago
Hi all – Just to let you know about a new project from Suriyani Yacoeb, a teacher from Indonesia. She’s put together a lovely project about the meaning and purpose of puasa and ramadhan. Take a look, share with your students and if you have time share your thoughts and questions on the discussion forum. Thank you Chris
[ ]
15 years ago
is very exciting to see how the region once you have the program and run, making the area as a park dream. we are interested to see it once. What if all the world like it made? certainly hope all people will reach the beautiful world.
[ ]
tourism in jogjakarta, very affordable for people to come
15 years ago
atmosphere in jogjakarta is very nice. many places you can visit and it is not expensive. many domestic and international tourist like to come to the city that are famous of gudeg (our traditional food ). example places to visit : PARANG TRITIS, MALIOBORO, TAMAN SARI, KANDANG MEMJANGAN.
[ ]
Silent nice choice tourism
15 years ago
Subhan, I agree if Jogya as favourite tourism choice. Parangtritis so bright, with horse beach. Malioboro so homy with lesehan Gudeg and Rabbit Satay. So nice and silent. Phsycologic theraphy... Share the picture it!
[ ]
Thank you
15 years ago
Just to say sorry I have not added to the project for a while. New baby. The project is looking great and the children love looking at all the work. Hope it continues to grow.
[ ]
15 years ago
Hi Tristan Wish you and your baby all the best of health and spirits. Yogesh Singla
[ ]
happy Holi
15 years ago
hi everybody A very happy holi to all at the other side of the world. Do you know what is Holi?How do we celebrate it in India?What message does it convey? It is a festival of colours and sweets.We apply colours in the faces of our friends and relatives and each and evrybody we can get hold of.We play it in our community, on our street,in the garden practically any and everywhere. It is message is spread colours of joy and happiness in the lives of everybody. Do you know any such festival anywhere in the world? If yes,do write in. Thanks Happy Holi Prabhjeet Paul and Sanjana Nayak DPS Panipat Refinery
[ ]
Dps Panipat Refinery
15 years ago
Happy holi to one and all Dear friends from Cornwall and other parts of the world, Though Holi is a fest of colours and friendship some people spoil it by drinking ,gambling and fighting;some others indulge in eve-teasing and smear colours on unwilling persons;some throw dung,dirt and balloons on others. Though such people are a few ,yet these people kill the joy and happiness and the very spirit of the festival. bye Sneha Grover and Haren chaudhary
[ ]
We are from DPS Panipat Refinery
15 years ago
Hi everybody Soon we are going to share deatils of places of significance in Panipat with you. Thanks and regards Yogesh
[ ]
Cornish customs
15 years ago
Hi all, baby Edward doing well, thanks to all well wishers and kind thoughts. At school we have been looking at what makes Cornwall unique and different to the rest of the UK. This looks more at unique customs and traditions. Check it out Tris
[ ]
15 years ago
Dear Friend, Hai, I am Aishvarya DPS Panipat Refinery. I am twelve years old and I love playing badminton. Maths, English are my favorite subjects. I love to eat fresh fruits, ice creams and juices. I also read adventurous stories. I have a sister in class III and a brother in class Nursery at DPS Panipat Refinery. My Father is Finance Manager and my mom is a housewife. I love visiting new places and learn about them. This is about me. May I know something about you? I am looking forward to know about you. Bye Aishvarya.
[ ]
15 years ago

Dear all

At the term end we at DPS Refinery Panipat decided to conduct a questionnaire to see what our students could retain about

their partners . I'm uploading a questionnaire to be posed to them. Partners are welcome to add more questions to it .

Also,I request all partners to conduct a similar questionnaire in their schools about India too.As many Indian schools have submitted very informative details about India.

Kindly consider.

thanks and regards

Yogesh Singla


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