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>Festivals and Traditions

Festivals and Traditions


For this project students will produce presentations which explain traditions and festivals in their country. We hope that lots of other schools will join this project so that our students can compare findings and learn about other cultures. Below is the Scheme of Learning for this project, outlining the tasks and outcomes.

Age range
12 - 14
Emma Matthews
Project stage
In progress
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6 years ago
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folder iconSpanish Festivals and Traditions

objects: 4
The students of the Company of Mary, la Enseñanza, school in Zaragoza explain different Spanish festivals and traditions.
video avi Spanish festivals_El Pilar in Zaragoza_xvid.avi 19.6 MB
Microsoft PowerPoint Spanish traditions_Aragonese Jota.ppt 771.0 kB
Microsoft PowerPoint Spanish traditions_Easter.ppt 1.4 MB
Microsoft PowerPoint Spanish traditions_Flamenco.ppt 397.0 kB
Microsoft PowerPointdiwali.ppt 656.5 kB


Thai Pongal is being celebrated on14th or 15thof January. Every year. It is also called a harvesting festival. The Sun is called the God of nature which gives sunlight and rain to all the living beings.

We cleaned our house and the surroundings. We wear new clothes. We light a hearth in front of our house and place a new pot on it. We will pour cow milk or coconut milk into it. When the milk is boiling our father will put the washed newly harvested rice into it. Then will add jaggery, cadju, plums and dates. After finishing making the sweet milk rice , we will thank the God Sun and share with our neighbors and our relatives with fruits, sugarcane beetle and arecanuts.


Some  aspects of Eid Al Fetr in Egypt .

Microsoft PowerPointEid Al Feter.ppt 244.5 kB

Ismailia International Floklore Arts Festival

Ismailia Festival by Educational Language Complex School-Ismalia-Egypt

folder iconIsmailia International Floklore Arts Festival

objects: 4
Ismailia international folklore arts festival-by Educational Language Complex-Ismailia-Egypt
Microsoft PowerPoint Ramadan_in_Egypt2.ppt 11.0 MB
Microsoft PowerPoint Easter at the ancient Egyptians.ppt 3.4 MB
Windows media video Egyptian-traditional-Dances.wmv 10.0 MB
Windows media video IntroductionTo-Ismailia-Festival.wmv 12.2 MB

folder iconFestivals in India by Maharaja Aggarsain Adarsh Public School

objects: 7
Festivals and traditions
Microsoft PowerPoint Christmas PT_Akanksha[1].ppt 3.0 MB
Unknown type Presentation on Diwali.pptx 445.1 kB
Microsoft PowerPoint Easter celebration[1] by raghav.ppt 1.4 MB
Microsoft PowerPoint Holi presentation[1].ppt 1.3 MB
Unknown type Christmas.pptx 6.0 MB
Microsoft PowerPoint VASANT UTSAV ppt-ritik[1].ppt 1.1 MB
Microsoft PowerPoint 62 Republic Day of India in the capital.ppt 3.3 MB

Durga Puja celebrations by the students of Birla High School, Kolkata, India

folder iconKeşkek Günü_ Annual Day

objects: 3
Image Traditional folkdance group.jpg 92.2 kB
Image With traditional music instrument.jpg 3.5 kB
Image Rock-Metal Group.jpg 85.3 kB

folder iconKibuye High School - students work

objects: 7
Below our some of the stories and presentations from Kibuye High School, Uganda.
Microsoft PowerPoint Buganda_Kingdom_-_Traditional_Ceremony[1].ppt 2.0 MB
Microsoft Word file The Trapped Animals.doc 24.5 kB
Microsoft Word file About Molly and Paul High School.doc 25.0 kB
Unknown type Back to my Roots by Emma.doc 26.0 kB
Unknown type Buganda Ceremony.doc 28.0 kB
Unknown type Global Dimension SOL for Year 8 & 9.doc 60.5 kB
Unknown type Wedding in Uganda.doc 28.0 kB

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